All our flavours are created from only the finest herbs and spices. When used in conjunction with Tenderboost’s tenderising marinade blends, our flavour concentrates infuse through the whole muscle of the meat.

We customise every formulation to suit each particular type and cut of meat. We can formulate unique flavour variations to suit different markets, adding value and profitably across all meat types.

If you would like to discuss our flavour options in more detail, please don't hesitate to call us.

Rosemary & Garlic
A classic, crowd favourite flavouring option suitable for all types of meat.
Redwine & Garlic
Perfect for those after a wintery, richer flavour profile.
Infuse delicious smokiness into any meat without the effort of sourcing wood and charcoal, perfect for BBQ
Smoked Honey Myrtle
Smokey and sweet flavours combine to make a unique flavour profile perfect for pork or even kangaroo.
Bushmint & Rosemary
Bush mint is similar to spearmint, providing a fresh and light experience, ideally suited for lamb.
Wattleseed & Pepperberry
Perfectly accompanies lamb and beef, with an ideal balance of sweet and spicy, with a strong peppery aftertaste
Kakadu Plum & Native Herbs
Light, citrusy undertones combined with traditional Australian herbs make an excellent fit for chicken, fish and pork.
Bush Tomato & Native Thyme
Bush tomatoes are caramelly with a strong mouth-watering aftertaste similar in taste to sundried tomatoes - paired with Australian thyme, this flavour can provide an Italian take on native Aussie fare.