Venturetech supplies to meat processing companies a high quality moisture infusion Marinades, Rubs and Flavours to give your meat products a point of difference in the market.

We view Tenderboost Rubs as a value-adding product. Your meat is already of the highest quality. However, with Tenderboost Marinades, Rubs and Flavours, you can engage new customers by processing your meat products with exciting new flavours, including those within our unique Australian Native Range.

Our range of Classic and Australian Native Rubs can be used on their own, on any type of meat. They can also be used in conjunction will our range of Flavours to create a more layered flavour profile.

The Tenderboost range of Classic and Australian Native flavours need to be paired with one of the options from our Marinade range when preparing the meat. The Marinade range includes a lactose-free and soy-free option for your customers that need to cater to dietary and allergy requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team for further information on using the Tenderboost Rubs and Flavours.

Our functional tenderising RUBS blends:
Smoked Honey Myrtle Tex Mex Dry rub
Smokey and spicey with sweet back notes of flavour, perfect for a rack of lamb, beef, game or tender pulled chicken
Wattleseed & Pepperberry Dry Rub
Balance the sweet with a sharp peppery bite, great for beef, lamb and game.
Kakadu Plum & Native Herbs Dry Rub
Citrus notes in Kakadu plum provide the perfect summery flavour.
Bush Tomato & Native Thyme Dry Rub
A native Australian twist on classic Italian-esque flavours.