All our marinades can be customised to your specific meat requirements or we can create a unique formulation just for you.

Created with only the finest herbs and spices Tenderboost marinades will enhance the succulence, taste, tenderness and profitability of all grade cuts of meat.

If you would like to discuss our marinades, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Classical Tenderboost TB100
Flavours from either the Classic range or Australian Native range need to be paired with one of our marinades. The classic marinade creates a base for all flavours, resulting in tender, intensely flavoured meat.
Lactose and Soy Free TB2100
Dietary requirements are becoming increasingly common, and having a lactose free and soy-free option in hospitality venues and supermarkets is now expected. As a supplier to these venues, your business can provide Tenderboost Lactose and Soy- Free Marinades to cater to those with dietary requirements and allergy concerns.