Why Tenderboost?

Venturetech was found in the 1990 by Denis Roberts, former leading CSIRO research scientist and founding head of the Western Australian Department of Agriculture Animal Products Technology Branch.

In the late 1990s Denis realised that the future success of the Australian Meat Industry relied on value adding to processed meat.

Over time, Denis and his research team carefully researched the technology that we now know as Tenderboost, designed to improve the tenderness and eating quality of all grades of meat.

This revolutionary product offers meat processors and wholesalers cost effective advantages over other products.

Tenderboost is available in a range of soluble flavour options that are unique, authentic and blended using only the finest herbs and spices. It can be added by injection, tumbling and soaking.

It is certified Halal and Tenderboost has been refined to enhance the natural properties of all types of meat.